Teaching tweens and teens can be tough. But we want to make it easier for you.


Are you a teacher trying to engage and excite your students?
Do you struggle to create exciting resources for SO MANY CLASSES with SO LITTLE TIME?  Are you teaching outside of your trained curriculum area and don’t know where to start?
Then you’re in the right place. Some of the things that we offer:

Worksheets for the free  CrashCourse Study Skills  YouTube videos

Worksheets for the free  CrashCourse Navigating  Digital Information YouTube  videos

Worksheets for the free  CrashCourse Literature  YouTube videos

Worksheets for the free  CrashCourse Geography  YouTube videos

PowerPoints and worksheets to teach Viking history in middle school



3 easy, fun Christmas activities for the classroom

Need something fun and engaging while winding down for the holidays? Are your students sick of Christmas movies and won’t sit still? Keep reading to find out how to wind down for the holidays (without losing your mind) using these fun Christmas activities for the...

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6 of the best online teaching resources: free and awesome

Do you have a ton of prep work that needs to get done, but you just don't have the time to do it? Do you need help, but can’t afford to buy ready-made teaching resources? Banish some of that prep work by using some great online teaching resources that are both free...

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