Do you have a ton of prep work that needs to get done, but you just don’t have the time to do it? Do you need help, but can’t afford to buy ready-made teaching resources? Banish some of that prep work by using some great online teaching resources that are both free and awesome.

Crash Course


The first online teaching resource on this list is Crash Course. Crash Course is an awesome teaching resource because its videos cover a wide variety of topics. 

They create short 10 to 15-minute videos that you can use in class. The videos are short enough that they keep students’ attention and you can also build activities around the video so that students are engaging in genuine learning and not just passively consuming content.

Crash Course also has in-depth analysis and combines funny animations with a presenter.

Their free online teaching resources are suitable for a wide variety of age ranges. 

They cover topics such as history, geography, English literature, physics, chemistry, AI, media, theatre and drama. You name it, they cover it.

The best part about Crash Course is that its mission is to provide free access to educational resources for students all around the world. You can watch their videos either on YouTube on the Crash Course channel, or you can watch them on the Crash Course website.

Easy ways to use the Crash Course videos include:

  • Showing the videos in class and getting students to take notes
  • Leaving a worksheet to accompany the video for a substitute teacher
  • Using the video in a flipped classroom situation where students watch the video at home and then do a skills session during class time
  • Getting students to create their own Crash Course videos using the original as the model
  • Assigning the video as catch-up work for students who have missed class
  • Using the videos to extend students who are excelling
  • Showing the video as a warm-up or pre-reading activity
  • Using the video as a revision activity
  • Offering a free choice of video as a classroom reward
  • Using Crash Course videos on a choice board to help students cover the required content


The second free online teaching resource is Freeology. Freeology is an online database with a plethora of different templates that you can use with your students. They are literally print-and-go. 

Freeology has templates for a whole host of tasks and subjects including

  • fishbone diagrams 
  • who what when where why how organizers
  • essay planners,
  • graphic organizers
  • calendars
  • reading comprehension activities
  • classroom signs
  • coloring pages
  • word searches
  • poetry 
  • teacher forms
  • writing templates
  • math worksheets

Just about anything that you can think of, you can find on Freeology. While most of the worksheets on Freeology are geared towards younger grades, there is still plenty there for middle and high school teachers to use.

One way I like to use the Freeology templates is to print them and handwrite more specific instructions on the template for my students to use. 


For example, if students were writing an essay on global warming, I would print out a fishbone diagram. I would then choose what paragraph topics I wanted students to cover and write them on the fishbone diagrams. I might put a heading such as

  • what causes global warming?
  • what effects does global warming have?
  • how can we reduce global warming?
  • what are things that individuals can do to reduce global warming? 

Students would then use the diagrams to plan their essay by putting dot points along the ‘ribs’ of the fish under the right headings. They would then use this to write their essay about global warming. 

Freeology is great because it’s a fast, easy, and free way to create individualized templates for your class. instead of reinventing the wheel every time you need something.

Khan Academy


The third online teaching resource that’s both free and awesome is Khan Academy. Khan Academy is similar to Crash Course in that they want to create educational resources that are free to access and help students all around the world. 

Like Crash Course, Khan Academy has online videos. They also have worksheets and sample problems for students to do. They started off in math but they have expanded their resources to include English, history, physics, chemistry, and biology. 

Khan Academy is a great online teaching resource for both teachers and students because it has resources whole bunch of different subject areas and grade levels.

An easy way to use Khan Academy is to direct students to specific videos when they are having a specific problem, particularly in math and science. For example, say your student is having trouble with long division, you can point them (or their parents) to the section of Khan Academy that covers long division and your student would be shown a variety of different strategies to do long division.

If you create a teacher account on Khan Academy, you can also import class lists and assign work to students. Similarly, you can monitor students’ progress.

You can access these videos without a teacher account and give individual links to students. Students can also use Khan Academy on their own, so if you have a particularly keen or talented student you can point them in the direction of resources that will extend them or expand on their interests.


Another great online teaching resource that’s free is Blooket. Blooket is a website where you (or students) can create free quizzes for your students to do.

You can also see quizzes that other teachers have set up. You can copy their quizzes and edit them if they are not quite what you’re wanting but most of the way there. This is a huge time saver!

Once you’ve found the quiz you want, you can assign the quizzes using an individual quiz code. All you need to do is copy and paste the quiz code and either email it to students or upload it to your school’s learning management system.

Blooket is great because the quizzes can be run in different game modes. For example, if you run the quiz in Crypto Hack, lower-ability students are better able to compete because they can also steal Crypto points from other players.

The different game modes are explained here. Some of the game modes need to be hosted (by you, the teacher), some can only be played individually, and some game options are only available with the paid version of Blooket.

Easy ways to use Blooket include

  • Use for revision questions
  • Set for comprehension questions
  • Use to check students’ knowledge
  • Setting questions to check skills
  • Creating your own quizzes
  • Adapting other people’s quizzes to suit your class
  • Getting students to create quizzes
  • Using for substitute lessons – all you have to do is provide links on your school’s LMS and your prep work is done


Another free online teaching resource that’s fantastic to use is Canva.

Both you and your students can use it. Students can create digital one-pagers and infographics easily using Canva. It’s great for students to create visual notes and because it has a bunch of different templates, students aren’t spending a whole bunch of time trying to make their work visually appealing and can concentrate on the content.

Canva is great for you too. Not only can you create fill-in-the-blank lesson plans, but you can also create visually appealing PowerPoints using Canva templates. 

You can quickly create fun tools like infographics, posters, and memes. Canva is easy to use and you can effortlessly create visually appealing teaching resources using templates.

It’s fast, all of the formatting is done for you. All you have to do is pick a template and go because it’s so easy to edit or change templates to meet your specific needs.


The final free online teaching tool we’ll cover today is Wordwall. Like Blooket, Wordwall allows you to create your own or use other creators’ activities. Using templates, you can create tasks such as

  • Match-up activities
  • Quiz questions that are asked randomly
  • Sequencing activities
  • Cloze activities or fill-in-the-blank activities
  • Label the diagram activities
  • Memory games
  • Crosswords
  • Find-a-words
  • Sorting activities
  • And more

Easy ways to use this are to

  • Use as comprehension activities
  • Create pop quizzes or revision quizzes
  • Enable students to label diagrams digitally
  • Use as paperless practice activities for tasks such as sequencing ideas in a paragraph or putting plot events in order
  • Create fil-in-the blanks for comprehension activities
  • Create revision flashcards
  • Get students to create their own revision flashcards or pop quizzes
  • Unjumbling sentences to practice sentence construction 
  • Gameshow games
  • And more

What are your favorite free online teaching resources?

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