Crash Course Geography Worksheets Episodes 1-27 | Intro to Geography Worksheets


Teaching geography and need fast, easy lessons you can use immediately? Check out these easy, engaging, no-prep Crash Course Geography worksheets that introduce the five geography themes, important geography concepts, and important geographical vocabulary.



Crash Course Geography has fantastic 10-13 minute videos available for free on YouTube covering a wide range of geographical topics.  Take advantage of these engaging videos and reduce your prep time by giving students these fun scaffolded note-taking worksheets.  Not only are the worksheets interesting, but they also help students keep track of the video and enable students’ creativity.

Suitable for middle or high school geography lessons, these no-prep worksheets are perfect for:

  • easy lesson prep – just print and go
  • substitute lesson plans – easy for them and on-task students means less behavior follow-up for you
  • engaging homework that your students won’t complain about
  • introducing geography themes and vocabulary

These no-prep Crash Course Geography worksheets are visual note-taking worksheets that engage your students far more than fill-in-the-blanks.  The worksheets scaffold important information retrieval but also encourage students to personalize their notes with color, text, images, and symbols, all of which increase information retention.

Topics covered in these geography worksheets include:

  • What is geography?
  • What is a map?
  • What is space and how do we study it?
  • What is physical geography?
  • How does the Earth move?
  • What does the atmosphere do?
  • How does air temperature shape a place?
  • Where does wind come from?
  • How do oceans circulate?
  • What is a cloud?
  • How can rain create conflict? Precipitation and water use
  • What are the different types of cyclones?
  • How do we classify climates?
  • What is climate change?
  • What are ecosystems?
  • Population and food
  • What is soil (and why is it important)?
  • What are rocks and how do they form?
  • The plate tectonics revolution
  • How does the Earth create different landforms?
  • What are volcanoes?
  • What is weathering?
  • How rivers shape the landscape
  • Why does Jakarta flood so easily?
  • Groundwater and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • What are glaciers?
  • Natural hazards

These Crash Course Geography worksheets are useful for a variety of situations including:

  • introducing the five geographical themes of space, place, human-environment interactions, region, and movement
  • defining and explaining common geographical terms such as landforms, weathering, groundwater, natural hazards, climates, atmosphere, air temperature, plate tectonics, and more
  • describing different types of maps and their uses
  • teaching outside of your training area – many teachers are landed with social sciences classes and are learning just ahead of students – these geography worksheets are a great tool for learning the content yourself and for helping your students understand it too
  • substitute lessons – an easy-prep substitute lesson and less behavior follow-up for you because students remain engaged and on-task
  • homework tasks – set videos for homework and then give students in-class time for discussion of the topics or follow-up activities

These Crash Course Geography worksheets are an easy way to teach difficult geographical ideas and concepts.  They are no-prep, print-and-go, and engage students easily.  The visual note-taking format scaffolds student notes while also enabling their creativity.